Teen Top members are fans of F.T. Island

September 10, 2010 at 3:43 AM (Uncategorized)

F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki recently revealed a photo taken with 6-member group Teen Top.

Hongki wrote, ‘Teen Top said they were our fans since before they debuted and wanted to take a picture together… I also said I was a fan during the broadcast… It’s so strange that we have dongsaengs! Teen Top daebak!

In the picture, F.T. Island’s leader Choi Jonghoon was also present, wearing two different smiles. Hongki commented, ‘Why did I come out looking like an idiot?’



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“At the amusement park, I realized my dream by chance, my chance”

September 7, 2010 at 7:33 PM (Uncategorized)

When Niel heard Michael Jackson’s Ben at the radio he began to fall for Michael Jackson’s beautiful voice.
Since this time he searched for Michael Jackson’s songs, concerts videos and looked at his stage manner and splendid performances, before he even knew it he wanted to become like him. He wanted to become a singer like Mickael Jackson, who can make the whole world become one.
Niel, seeing Michael Jackson, wanted more and more to realize his dream to become singer, so he began to go at a singing academy. While he went to this singing academy and also studied the singing basics, he was always listening to Michael Jackson’s songs and was always singing Michael Jackson’s songs to himself.
That’s how his dream to become singer hazily grew, one week-end he went with his family at the amusement park. At this amusement park there was a small open-air stage, they were in the middle of a public audition, he peeked into the reception desk and he filled the participation form he was half curious half expecting.
But he didn’t have any accompaniement and seeing this big stage and the people gathered at the front, singing there wasn’t easy.
He was so nervous that he couldn’t even remember how to sing. And to forget the stage pressure, you can play all you want at a amusement park but he called his mother.
He asked at the audition ofice if he could make another try at the public audition. Like that he went to the final but on the decisive stage he was too nervous and we could feel it in his intonation, rythm and all the song, when he finished it he was really disappointed.
Of course he didn’t get a prize, and while thinking of how he lost the opportunity that was so hard to get he thought about give up on his dream to become singer.
But one day a call came at the office. “You have a pretty voice and your songs are full of emotions, you really stood out but at the public audition’s final you were a bit lacking comparing to your other friends. Anyway I believe in your potential so I’ll give you a chance, show me what you can do”
With this opportunity, Niel promised once again that he’ll become Korea’s Michael Jackson and began his trainee life.

Source: Asia Economy Daily

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September 6, 2010 at 8:51 PM (Uncategorized)


Teen Top and Niel became number #1 on Naver search ranking yesterday

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Niel’s Diary Update

September 6, 2010 at 5:58 PM (Uncategorized)

2010.09.05 일 12:30

인기가요에 왔당
아침일찍와서 리허설 힘들긴 하지만
팬여러분들이 응원해 주시니까
오늘도 열심히 해야쥐

2010.09.05 12:30

We are at Inkigayo
We came early in the morning and the rehearsal was hard but
Because you all supported us
I felt strong!!
Today too I have to work hard
Will you cheer for us?!!

Source : Niel Cyworld

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The story before the debut

September 5, 2010 at 12:38 AM (Uncategorized)

“It’s Teen Top emotional voice Niel!”
Niel, who brightly smiles and happily greets the people passing by, had a hard time with his voice changes but is now receiving love as a lovely pretty boy, it’s Teen Top’s emotional voice.
‘After our debut, the fact that I look like a lot of stars like SE7EN, Lee Kikwang or Choi Yeojin became a hot topic on internet’ and added while clapping his hand ‘People around me denied that they put comparisons pictures with people that I look like on internet’. He added ‘I thought: It seems that I have thick lips, who do I look like the most?’ and ‘It’s a great honor to look like our seniors but on the other side there a lot of antis that came up’ and with an embarrassed smile ‘When I came back from school people often said that I look like a goby the most’ it wasn’t the Teen Top’s Niel who shows charisma on stage that was talking but the 17 years old high schooler Niel.
He represented the members on radio and Niel showed his true image and his innocent and unpredictable charms, he may become an almighty entertainer but before becoming Teen Top’s vocal he was ‘Ahn Daniel’ the child actor.

He was dreaming of becoming a football player but when he saw the child actor Yoo Seungho in the movie ‘The Way Home’ when he was in 4th grade he became interested in acting. Because Niel’s mother was supporting his son who wanted to become actor he was able to receive a training at a actor’s school.
In 5th grade he passed a full-scale audition and began in the drama Children’s Chorus, that’s how he got to play in a movie for his acting activities.
When he was doing his activities as a child actor, he heard by chance a song in the radio and Niel changed his dream.

Source: Asia Economy Daily

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Hello world!

August 31, 2010 at 4:52 PM (Uncategorized)

Welcome to our blog!

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