The story before the debut

September 5, 2010 at 12:38 AM (Uncategorized)

“It’s Teen Top emotional voice Niel!”
Niel, who brightly smiles and happily greets the people passing by, had a hard time with his voice changes but is now receiving love as a lovely pretty boy, it’s Teen Top’s emotional voice.
‘After our debut, the fact that I look like a lot of stars like SE7EN, Lee Kikwang or Choi Yeojin became a hot topic on internet’ and added while clapping his hand ‘People around me denied that they put comparisons pictures with people that I look like on internet’. He added ‘I thought: It seems that I have thick lips, who do I look like the most?’ and ‘It’s a great honor to look like our seniors but on the other side there a lot of antis that came up’ and with an embarrassed smile ‘When I came back from school people often said that I look like a goby the most’ it wasn’t the Teen Top’s Niel who shows charisma on stage that was talking but the 17 years old high schooler Niel.
He represented the members on radio and Niel showed his true image and his innocent and unpredictable charms, he may become an almighty entertainer but before becoming Teen Top’s vocal he was ‘Ahn Daniel’ the child actor.

He was dreaming of becoming a football player but when he saw the child actor Yoo Seungho in the movie ‘The Way Home’ when he was in 4th grade he became interested in acting. Because Niel’s mother was supporting his son who wanted to become actor he was able to receive a training at a actor’s school.
In 5th grade he passed a full-scale audition and began in the drama Children’s Chorus, that’s how he got to play in a movie for his acting activities.
When he was doing his activities as a child actor, he heard by chance a song in the radio and Niel changed his dream.

Source: Asia Economy Daily


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